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About Hammerting

Hammerting is a vertical dwarven mining colony sim with RPG elements for PC.

Yes, it is all those things, and more!

Dwarves Being Dwarves

Colorful Personalities

Does Åglöf’s fancy ancestry clash with Vargskreva’s humble upbringing? Is your explorer afraid of the dark? Has your master crafter reached her Ballmer Peak? Exploit your dwarves’ strengths as well as their weaknesses to succeed.

Skilled Craftspeople

Anyone can craft an iron sword; but only dwarves can haggle a Crystal Cave Dragon to sell her fiery plasma breath, pump it up to a Andthril Forge of Doom and use it to craft an… Iron Sword +2. (Not an actual example…)

Elegant Home

Technically, one could design doors and rooms roughly sized after the person using them, but that is not the dwarven way. A leeway margin of at least 5.25 meters is recommended in the Dwarven Architecture Handbook, but of course, that was written by a half-dwarf, half-environmentalist. Real dwarves need at least 11 meters.


Dwarves are big on elevators, but not so much on free falling. It follows that they’d have their own takes on hellevators. For example, members of Clan Steelbrow prefer a traditional shaft dug straight down, straddled by a crane with a 300 meter rope, and nothing but a barrel to stand in. Needless to say, the barrel’s built-in bar is stocked with ale.

Living Cave

Dwarven Beer Recipe: Farm wheat, preferably in a dry, but not barren biome. Grind it, put it in a lake, and boil for two weeks. Hunt down and add three Malty Slimes, stir. Boil for another week. Chill. Add two liters of yeast from a Sweaty Swamp Ogre (find them by following the stench of Musty Mangrove Moss), cover and ferment. Or something like that.


Exploring can be fun, but also dangerous. Be well equipped, tread carefully. If you do the right things, you may even encounter these pretty scaled things that live in the water. Only in the water, right?

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