Hammerting is a captivating vertical dwarven mining colony simulation with RPG elements, tailor-made for PC enthusiasts. With its vibrant visuals and dynamic dwarven inhabitants, Hammerting invites players to immerse themselves in a bustling, living world.

Take charge of a clan of diverse and colorful dwarves, embark on epic mining endeavors, forge legendary weapons, and venture into the depths in search of glory, wealth, and peril.


RPG Games Xbox360

Colorful Personalities

Each dwarf is intricately defined by their unique stats, ancestry, traits, goals, desires, abilities, equipment, and more, ensuring that no two dwarves are alike.

Skilled Craftspeople

Every swing of the hammer on the anvil presents an opportunity for a critical success, with skilled dwarves boasting greater chances of success and superior results.

Living Cave

Explore diverse biomes, from sandy deserts to Nordic forests and blistering lava caves, each teeming with distinct flora, fauna, hazards, special locations, and events.


Unleash your creativity with extensive modding capabilities, including the ability to script and develop new systems in native C++ beyond traditional data asset modifications.

Hammerting Credits

  • Fredrik Kiby Zetterman Programmer, Game Designer
  • Anders Elfgren Programmer, Game Designer
  • Linda Kiby Zetterman Game/Level Designer, Bizdev, Marketing/PR
  • Daniel Ottosson 2D/3D Artist, AD, Trailer
  • Axel Dalborg Artist Intern, Cover Art, Trailer


Composer: Jeremy Soule


Warpzone Studios